Ultra-Tiny Quad-Copter You Can Fly Anywhere Indoors… Panty Included

The Proto-N is about the size of a bottle cap, which completely blows our mind. The compact machine comes in four col- ors with matching color front blades.

While walking through the mall, I noticed a drone flying in the air with a small crowd of people standing in a circle around a kiosk manager with a radio in his hands. The crowd seemed pretty interested and all I could think to myself is “ugh, if they could only see the cool drone stuff available in the hobby world.

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The Drone Launch Pad For Aerial Photographers


Have you ever flown to capture an important video, for either recreational or commercial purposes, and through live-viewing are so incredibly excited about how wonderful that footage will turn out, only to review the footage later and discover a speck of dirt has ruined the shot and it must be redone? Some footage can never be recreated

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Teal: Aiming to be the World’s Fastest Production Drone


The multirotor and drone industry continues to grow constantly with a prolific number of new companies, ideas, and advancements, but it only seems to be the beginning. Along with such a sudden rise in the industry over the past several …

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Onyx 255 AC/DC Dual Balancing Charger


Two chargers, one case – unlimited charging potential! Having two high-performance chargers means faster, simultaneous charging for two-pack models with the ability to charge multiple packs over the course of a long afternoon. Independent outputs enable the Onyx 255 to …

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Dromida XL UAV 370mm RTF


XL Size, XL Fun, XL Speed Our friends over at Dromida have some new XL drones fresh out of the lab for us! Their new RTF planes, the XL UAV 370mm RTF and the XL FPV Camera Drone RTF,  not only …

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Dromida XL FPV Camera Drone RTF


XL Size, XL Fun, XL Action Our friends over at Dromida have some new XL drones fresh out of the lab for us! Their new RTF planes, the XL FPV Camera Drone RTF and the XL UAV 370mm RTF,  not only are …

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Atlanta Hobby is at it again with the release of another top quality FPV airframe intended for racing and freestylers alike. After the tremendous launch of the Katana KMR 250 in May, they are ecstatic to announce the newest edition …

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The DJI X5: The Perfect Aerial Solution


There is no question that mirrorless cameras have carved out their place in the market. Sony’s A7s has been recognized as one of the world’s best low light options. Panasonic’s GH4 can capture 4K footage that rivals cinema cameras costing more than triple the price.

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DroneGuard 450 Backpack Review


LowePro has been building amazing camera backpacks for years and the newest addition to their line is the LowePro DroneGuard 450. As a group that is constantly working in remote locations and traveling afar to get shots, we can definitely appreciate a reliable way to transport our gear.

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A Complete Solution for Wireless HD Video


When we first got our Connex Mini we were beyond excited to play with the latest from Amimon. Following the success of the original Connex, the Connex Mini is its little brother that packs a powerful punch. The kit comes as a complete solution for wireless HD video and we couldn’t wait to put this little guy through its paces.

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What’s it Like Filming a BMX Legend? Come and Find Out


This month let’s take a look at the video we produced with BMX legend and multiple X-Games medalist, Ryan Nyqvist. Having been fortunate enough to work on a variety of high profile action sports shoots, when the call came to direct a video with such an iconic rider we knew we were in for a treat. Let’s recap the experience and divulge some insider tips.

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Opale Hybrid 3.0 Wing

Opale Hybrid 3.0 Wing Main

Opale Paramodels have an amazing new release: The Opale Hybrid 3.0 Wing  Following in the footsteps of the ultra- successful Hybrid 1.8, the new Hybrid 3.0 is sure to be an instant favorite.  Just like the 1.8, it features their hybrid construction …

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Have You Entered the KDE Direct Drone Photo Contest?!

KDE Direct Drone Photo Contest Main

Fly. Capture. Win. The folks over at KDE Direct are running an exciting photo/video contest with a first place prize of $1,000 and a second place prize of $500 for use at online web-store! We enjoy seeing all of the …

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Hitec Power Peak D7 AC/DC Charging Station

Hitec Power Peak D7 ACDC Charging Station Main

Hitec continues to bring you exemplary power and convenience with our latest Power Peak D7 AC/DC Charging Station. Armed with two independent 200-watt output ports, producing up to 20 amps of charge current each, the Power Peak D7 is capable …

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Get HD Quality FPV flight for under $150 With This Drone


Dromida is rapidly becoming a dominant force in radio control air and land vehicles, specializing in affordable products that anyone can have fun with. Don’t confuse affordable with cheaply made though, as their models are extremely well put together and are some of the best RTF’s you can buy for the price.

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