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Advanced Antivibration Components Silicone Gel Bushings and Finger-Flex Isolaters

Advanced Antivibration Components (AAC) provides products exclusively related to the elimination of vibration, energy absorption and protection of components and devices from shock and possible destruction. AAC stocks a wide range of shock & vibration isolation products, including stud & nut type mounts, base plate fastened mounts, wheels, leveling & foot mounts, suspension mounts, spring, steel mesh & cable mounts, bumpers, channel mounts, bushings & grommets, pads & tapes, and couplings. Products are available in a variety of materials including rubber, neoprene, urethane, Sorbothane®, stainless steel mesh and springs. Many are 100% suitable for use in extreme environmental conditions. A complete selection of Silicone Gel stud mounts, pads, foam sheets, plus paste-type and sheet-type thermal gel is also available.
AAC Silicon Gel Bushings are a superb way to isolate sensitive electronic equipment. Applications include speaker systems, turntables, camera mounts, multi-rotor aircraft, etc. This product can effectively isolate vibration in low frequency applications with loads ranging from 0.11 lbf to 17.64 lbf per mount.  The bushings are made of silicone gel, with a brass collar. The operating temperature range is -40°C to +200°C (-40°F to +392°F).

AAC Gel Bushings

AAC Finger Flex Isolaters provide protection for loads ranging from 4 to 350 lbs. These natural rubber rings and bushings are designed for noise suppression in typewriters, printers, copiers and other precision office equipment. Additionally, they isolate striker bars and platens as well as printhead guide rails in high speed printers. They are generally used in protecting sensitive instrumentation from unpredictable vibration and shock, thus making them worthy of consideration in multi-rotor aircraft as well. 

AAC ISolaters


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