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Home » Industry News » Launches a New Professional Division and Steals the Show! Takes Flight at the Agriculture Expo Launches a New Professional Division and Steals the Show! Takes Flight at the Agriculture Expo, the newly launched professional division of, duly impressed the expo crowds with their display and demonstrations at the recent Delta AgTech Symposium. Hundreds of attendees joined the FAA’s Jim Wilson, the AMA’s Rich Hansen, and the UAV Experts team to learn how UAVs can transform agriculture and lower costs while increasing efficiency. As the only exhibitor to conduct live test flights, President Cliff Whitney and Director of UAV Technology Greg Ledford both appeared on local news in Memphis.

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Over two hundred symposium attendees listened to them speak about the potential for UAVs in agribusiness, from family farms to massive ranches.“You want to find out which cows are pregnant? UAVs can do that just by sensing body heat,” Cliff remarked. “Mount a multispectral camera and you can tell what areas are being fertilized right, where bug infestations are, check the moisture content of the soil to more efficiently lay out your irrigation, and do it all in a far more cost effective fashion than manned systems and with far more efficiency than covering that ground on foot. UAVs will help farmers maximize yield and maintain sustainability, continuing America’s history of being one of the most productive agricultural areas in the world.”

Interest in was also stoked by the variety of unmanned aerial systems they have available, from multi-rotor systems like the DJI Phantom II to fixed-wing craft like the revolutionary Tempest, capable of operating up to 60,000 feet high and cruising for up to 90 minutes in almost any weather. These systems can be mated with a variety of cameras and sensors, creating customized solutions for each customer, and can provide data from lower altitudes and in a far more cost-effective manner than satellites or manned aviation systems.

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