Friday, March 31, 2023
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Blade Chroma Camera Drone with 4K CGO3 and ST10+

The new Chroma™ aerial media drones are designed to capture epic aerial shots!  Exclusive SAFE Plus flight control technology provides multiple flight modes, for pilots of all skill levels.

The stabilized CGO3 camera makes capturing 4K video easy.

This comprehensive combo includes everything needed in one box.

Getting the Chroma in the air is as easy as attaching the propellers and charging the battery. The included ST10+ controller even has a large 5.5 inch Android powered touch screen built right in!
The live video feed and real time telemetry data are displayed on the screen, including speed, altitude and battery voltage. Drone speed and camera tilt adjustments are made via slider switches.

Chroma Camera Drone Horizon Hobby Slider

Modes include Follow Me, Smart, Aerial Photography, and Tracking. Cool features include Return to Home and  adjustable flight boundaries.


For greater granularity on the various modes, and additional information on the four different versions of Chroma that will be available, click over to Blade!