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VIDEO: Drone Shenanigans On A Golf Course


No, we didn’t really golf with it, but as we were already on the empty course for another project, we had a little fun with the Xplorer V. LINKS HOBBICO XIRO

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Video: Autel X-Star Premium First Impressions and Flight


We all know how popular drones are these days and aerial camera rigs are probably tops on that list. The problem is, when you spend a thousand dollars or more on a machine and have a problem with it, you …

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Castle Creations is Having a Month Long Savings Event Rebate Program


Castle Creations is hosting an amazing savings event for the entire month of September with rebate offers available for several surface, air, and multirotor products. Castle Creations is offering rebates on products such as the Sidewinder 3, the Sidewinder SCT, …

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The Drone Industry Is Ready to Bloom, but Are Some Manufacturers Having a Hard Time Launching?

Failure to launch main

It’s easily foreseeable that the drone industry has great potential and growth awaiting it in the future; but what seems to be of difficulty in such a fresh and expanding market is manufacturers launching successfully. Now, this isn’t to be said …

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Dancing With Drones: An After Dark Museum Event You Wish You Went To


The Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey has long been a museum that kids love going to with its various hands on activities and eye-opening exhibits. Except last Thursday, August 18th, LSC had something new in store that …

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Running an Aerial Photography Company: Interview with John Deans


Running an Aerial Photography Company: Interview with John Deans

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What’s it Like Filming a BMX Legend? Come and Find Out


This month let’s take a look at the video we produced with BMX legend and multiple X-Games medalist, Ryan Nyqvist. Having been fortunate enough to work on a variety of high profile action sports shoots, when the call came to direct a video with such an iconic rider we knew we were in for a treat. Let’s recap the experience and divulge some insider tips.

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Liberty Cup Drone Racing: Next Stop … Nationals!


Think you’ve got what it takes to qualify for Drone Nats in August or even Hawaii for Worlds coming up later this fall? Well, if you’re looking to secure a spot, the Liberty Cup is the last stop on the …

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BZ Media and Skylogic Research Release “The Truth About Drones in Construction and Infrastructure Inspection”


In-depth assessment reveals significant opportunity with distinct cost and safety advantages over traditional competitive approaches MELVILLE, N.Y., July 5, 2016 — BZ Media LLC announced today the second in its series of critical examinations of the hype and reality behind …

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VIDEO: Hog Barn FPV 2016 Freestyle By Michael Nieves

hog final

Michael Nieves is one of the best freestyle pilots around and he can hit the gates with the best of em. Check this sweet video out courtesy of his GoPro mounted on an Alien running 3-blades. Not too shabby Mike, …

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What does the fella who writes the Action Sports Insider column do on the weekends?


Drone Magazine’s own Mike Steidley isn’t just a camera and drone guru, he is also a sponsored rider for Team Haro. Check out some of his latest adventures in the video and be sure to check out each new issue …

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Sky Hero Club Racer Video: Mods


Check out a few slight modifications we have in store for our Sky Hero Club Racer 5-inch Stunt model to boost the looks and performance. LINKS Sky Hero Club Racer 

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Amputee Gamer Gets New Bionic Arm Complete With A Drone!


James Young suffered a tragic accident in 2012 which ultimately left him without his left arm or leg. His new arm, designed by Sophie de Oliveira Barata from the Alternative Limb Project, comes at a cost of 90,000 dollars and packs …

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