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Program a Mini APM v3.1 with GPS


The APM Mini Version 3.1 is the latest in flight controllers of the APM class. Its board is only 35mm x 35mm, making it comparable in size to the Naze32 and The CC3D. The impressive part of this board is if you flip it over on its back you will find the Atmel Atmegea2560, which is one of Atmel’s more powerful 8-bit AVR class controllers.

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Inexpensive FPV System Build for Your Drone


One of the coolest opportunities offered by drones is obviously capturing wild in-flight video and beautiful photos. So to get the best captures, pilots are oft en looking for great equipment that will get the job done, but not necessarily break the bank either. One camera that many enthusiasts have glommed onto is the Mobius ActionCam.

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The Wooden Boat Project: Filming & Flying From a Sailboat


In this month’s installment we look to our latest adventure and newest video project for some tips that can help you out when flying from a boat. We will look at some pointers specifically tailored to sailing but that can also be applied to any boating situation.

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Traveling with your drone and batteries


Visiting different places and destinations beyond the places you usually fly is a great and exciting part of owning a multi rotor. Being able to share your travel adventures (and you're piloting skills) with your friends from an unusual point of view should be enough of a motivation to overcome a few hassles associated with bringing your drone along.

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F550 T-Motor Upgrade

F550 T-Motor Upgrade-6

DJI F550 is perhaps one of the most popular multirotor kits amongst multirotor hobbyists and enthusiasts. It is a well priced, easy to assemble kit with many available upgrades and accessories.

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Winter Flying Tips and Tricks

Winter flying-ER JR.indd

As someone living in the Northeast, I did not want to sit idly through the winter and envy our friends down south their flying-friendly climate, so I figured out a few handy tricks to help me fly in winter.

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Eliminating Vibration

Eliminating Vibration-13

One of the most commonly overlooked challenges in the use of multirotors is vibration. I hope that you would naturally identify and rectify prop vibration as part of your normal preflight checks

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Install and setup a GPS/Compass Unit for a DJI Naza-M V2

Install and setup a GPS-Compass Unit-6

A GPS and compass module is a must-have enhancement that enables the use of a few very useful functions of the Naza-M flight controllers. With this module, the controller is capable of GPS position hold, return-home failsafe, intelligent orientation control.

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3 Quick Tips for Getting into Multirotors

The Nano QX may be small but it offers big fun!

Considering I am fairly new to the RC hobby, I figured a good article topic for the first issue of Multirotor Pilot magazine would be tips on choosing your first multirotor. I am rather experienced in this area considering that I have been building and flying multirotors for a little bit over a year.

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What material should I use for 3D printing?


From Multirotor Pilot Issue: 8 by Erick Royer Since I got my first 3D printer, the number of uses that I find for this technology in the multirotor world seems to exponentially grow every day. One common question that I get a lot from …

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Configure OpenPilot CC3D Evo

Configure OpenPilot CC3D Evo Main

The CC3D flight control board is one of the most popular open source controllers out there today, but getting it working properly poses a daunting task for those not familiar with it. The following is a simple tutorial that should help to cover the …

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Using Your GoPro – Part 3

Using Your GoPro - Part 3

To finish up this series on the GoPro, I will share some tips and tricks to help you get the most from your camera. These are some things that I’ve learned over the years. While this article is directed toward the GoPro cameras, these are good guidelines for any camera you use...

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Using Your GoPro – Part 2

GoPro Tips and Tricks

In this article, we will go over the rest of the options in the camera such as white balance, field of views and when you are going to want to enable Protune. Also, we will go over how to upload your footage onto your computer using the GoPro Studio computer application and how to get started editing. So grab your GoPro, a fresh battery and an empty memory card and let’s get started!

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