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From Multirotor Pilot Issue: 8 by Erick Royer One of the primary reasons that people buy a multirotor is for video and photo capture from the air. Both hobbyists and professionals alike find countless uses for capturing this bird’s-eye footage. From aerial selfies to …

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Expanding Series of Design Engineering and Knowledge Base Videos from KDE Direct

KDE Direct Design Engineering - Episode XI Carbon-Fiber Propeller Blade Series _2015-08-12_19-31-14

Patrick Koegler, Owner and Lead Designer for KDE Direct, has been producing a series of videos that gives multi-rotor enthusiasts an in-depth look at the high performance technology behind many of the high quality KDE Direct products. The latest two …

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Multirotor Podcast Episode 29 Live – Q&A, Tower Inspections and more…


In this episode answers to some reader questions take the feature spot. This includes discussion of gimbal upgrades, flying for tower inspections, flying at higher altitudes, the best system for aerial inspections and long range TX and video systems. Check …

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Introducing the New AlexMos 32-Bit Gimbal Control Board


The AlexMos Gimbal controller is the most capable DIY control board currently on the market. Intended for brushless gimbal motors only, the new 32-bit processor and dual IMU (inertia measurement unit), allow it to attain a level of stabilization up …

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Flight Controller Boards


The heart and soul of a multi-rotor machine In this issue we are going to take a look at the heart and soul of any multi-rotor craft; the flight controller board or FCB. I was originally going to do a …

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