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Hitec X2 AC PRO Charger


A charger is a charger is a charger, right? Not quite, but those of you who own Hitec chargers already know that. Since the release of the X4 many years ago, Hitec has been at the forefront of the charger game and from the looks of their latest release, they’re going to stay right where they are

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Tactic FPV Gear


One of the hottest trends in the drone world for 2015 was undoubtedly FPV racing. This fast and furious form of flying has taken the UAV community by storm on a grass roots, national and even international level. Heck, the owner of the Miami Dolphins invested a million dollars in a Drone Racing League.

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Quadrino Nano Flight Controller


When it comes to choosing a flight controller for your next quad purchase, you might be left a little light headed when perusing the web for options as there are loads of them. Of course, if you want all the cool features like IOC (headless), RTH (Return To Home) and GPS, you’re probably going to shell out a small fortune. Not any more

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Graupner C-Props


If there’s one thing our drones can’t fly without, it’s props ... quite literally. While there might be a vast number of sources and all types of props out there, how do you know what’s best for your machine? Graupner has the answer in the form of their new line of C-Props designed specifically for drones.

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Operate Your Charger From a Distance With the Hitec WiFi Module


There's an app for that! That’s something you hear almost on a daily basis in these advanced tech times. There are apps for weight loss, apps for combining your face with a celebrity and finally ... an app for our RC chargers. Hitter just released their WiFi module for use with the X2 AC Plus and X2 AC Pro chargers.

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See Why the Graupner Alpha 300 is Top Dog of 3D Quads!

In our haste to get outside with the Alpha, we forgot to put the side and front fairings back on before flight.

While Graupner might not have been the first to the table with a 3D capable quadcopter, they sat patiently in their labs, carefully designing what might be the most advanced machine in the class to date. The Alpha 300 3D is a multi-faceted machine, but its “bread and butter” are the 3D qualities akin to the most hardcore CP heli models.

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Sky Hero’s Anakin Club Racer: FPV Racing Drone Review


Sky Hero has long been known as an excellent source for larger (500-700mm) machines with the Spyder line. However, focus has shifted of late, toward the fast paced world of FPV racing. While the unique design of the original Anakin set the model apart from the crowd, the Club Racer takes that innovation to the next level.

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Your FPV Journey Begins Here: The Ares Shadow 240 RTF


Let’s face it, there are hundreds of different drones on the market and it can be especially confusing when shopping for one. It doesn’t help when you try searching through them online. All of them look great, but wouldn’t it be nice to see one in person and check it out before you buy it?

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HobbyKing Drone Ground Station System


In a very short timespan FPV has gone from back yards and parking garages to national level events. What was once piecing together gear at almost an engineer level has given way to plenty of new faces in the game. With that, the gear also needed to start becoming more mainstream.

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Ultra-Tiny Quad-Copter You Can Fly Anywhere Indoors… Pantry Included

The Proto-N is about the size of a bottle cap, which completely blows our mind. The compact machine comes in four col- ors with matching color front blades.

While walking through the mall, I noticed a drone flying in the air with a small crowd of people standing in a circle around a kiosk manager with a radio in his hands. The crowd seemed pretty interested and all I could think to myself is “ugh, if they could only see the cool drone stuff available in the hobby world.

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The Drone Launch Pad For Aerial Photographers


Have you ever flown to capture an important video, for either recreational or commercial purposes, and through live-viewing are so incredibly excited about how wonderful that footage will turn out, only to review the footage later and discover a speck of dirt has ruined the shot and it must be redone? Some footage can never be recreated

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The DJI X5: The Perfect Aerial Solution


There is no question that mirrorless cameras have carved out their place in the market. Sony’s A7s has been recognized as one of the world’s best low light options. Panasonic’s GH4 can capture 4K footage that rivals cinema cameras costing more than triple the price.

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DroneGuard 450 Backpack Review


LowePro has been building amazing camera backpacks for years and the newest addition to their line is the LowePro DroneGuard 450. As a group that is constantly working in remote locations and traveling afar to get shots, we can definitely appreciate a reliable way to transport our gear.

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