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The Physics of Multirotor Drone Flight


Since there are no control surfaces on a typical multirotor, the only way you can maneuver the craft is by changing the speeds of the motors. This, in turn, changes the amount of thrust produced by the motors. This imbalance in thrust is what makes the …

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Quanum Q-2D 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal


Within the last year or so, the idea of mounting a camera stabilization system to an RC aircraft or surface vehicles has become commonplace. The advancements made to the GoPro and many other action cams on the market allow for …

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HOW TO: Increase Your Phantom’s Flight Time By Over 50%


If you are a DJI Phantom owner looking to increase your flight time from the out-of-the-box 10-12 minutes, but don’t want to spend $679 on a Phantom 2 with the new high-capacity battery pack, then I have a few quick …

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