Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Check out the Banana Drone…

So just about three years ago, A.R. came out with their Parrot Drone, the first widely available multirotor that is controlled with a WiFi device. Following its debut, the industry experienced an explosion in both WiFi and more specifically, 2.4ghz remote control multirotor platforms. Ever thought you might be able to fly a multirotor using bananas as the controller? One might consider just such an idea….well, bananas, but the guys at Rotorworld UK have done just that and it’s awesome!

Tom Stacey from Rotorworld magazine along with a few cohorts from Chelmsford Makerspace worked some high tech magic using a Raspberry Pi computer and Bananas as controllers! There are a number of videos on the web concerning this project and while it is still in its infancy, the idea has been proven to work and will open up a vast number of avenues regarding RC flight controls. Harken back to your school days when your science teacher had you illuminating light bulbs with a potato………it’s like that, only much, much cooler!

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