Wednesday, March 14, 2018
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Check Out Parrot’s Sequoia At The Paris International Agricultural Show

With Sequoia, Parrot revolutionizes precision agriculture 

  • Sequoia is a complete and accurate multispectral imagery solution.
  • With sensors the size of a GoPro, this highly technologic and affordable solution adapts to any type of civil drone.
  • Thanks to the algorithms of recommendation for fertilization developed by its subsidiary Airinov, Parrot provides farmers and cooperatives with a complete solution. 

Let’s meet at Paris International Agricultural Show, Hall 4 – Booth B039.


Sequoia is a multispectral mini-sensor capable of capturing images of crops in both visible and invisible spectrums, and thus collecting crucial data on crop growth.

Sequoia features:

SEQUOIA_MULTISPECTRAL SENSOR_7654–        A multispectral sensor that records images of crops in four distinct spectral bands: Green, Red, Red-Edge and Near Infrared.

–        A sensor equipped with a RGB camera (16 MP).

–        A 64GB built-in memory.

–        A separate luminosity sensor (‘sunshine’ sensor) that records lighting conditions and automatically calibrates the four multispectral sensors.

–        Sequoia also embeds GPS and IMU.

 And because a demo usually worth more than words, a drone equipped with Sequoia solution will fly over wheat and rape and the images captured will be shown on a screen.

Parrot will introduce Sequoia together with the agronomic solution from Airinov, major and reputed player in the field of agronomic analysis of data.

For more information or meet with Parrot and Airinov team at Paris International Agricultural show from February 27 to March 6, please contact Elaine Green at