Sunday, March 26, 2023
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DJI Announces the Phantom 3!

DJI has just announced the latest product in the Phantom line-up. Dubbed surprisingly enough the Phantom 3, the most outstanding new feature looks to be the three axis, gimbal stabilized video camera that is designed expressly for this Quadcopter. Two different versions of the Phantom 3 will be available and the main difference will be in the camera specifications. The Phantom 3 Advanced version will feature a maximum resolution of 1080p and will be visually identifiable by the silver stripes adorning the four arms. The Phantom 3 Professional version will up the maximum resolution of the camera up to some resolution of 4K yet to be disclosed by DJI and will be identifiable by the gold stripes on the arms. Both cameras will shoot 12MP stills in RAW and JPG format.


All indications are that the Phantom 3 may  also utilize a more advanced power system than the previous generation Phantom, the end result being better in-flight performance and extended flight durations.  The Phantom 3 will also apparently benefit from the optical flow sensor used on the larger DJI Inspire 1. This technology uses a ground-facing camera that shoots rapid-fire photos combined with sonar to generate reasonably precise positioning when a valid GPS signal is not available I.E. when close to the ground or indoors.

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