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Eagle Tree Systems Announces Cool New Accessories for Vector Flight Controller

Eagle Tree is pleased to let you know about some cool new accessories for their popular Vector Flight Controller/OSD!


Small and lightweight, the powerful Alerter Buzzer/LED provides important audiovisual information about your Vector equipped model’s status, and a “smart” lost model/battery saver alarm.   Great for use when flying either FPV or LOS!

  • alerter-hand LOUD multitone buzzer with programmable volume
  • Three SUPER BRIGHT LEDs with programmable brightness, and diffused viewport
  • Unique, programmable Inactivity Alarm serves as a lost model alarm, and alerts you if you forget to disconnect your flight pack
  • Buzzer provides audible indication of errors and other events
  • LEDs show Vector status, number of GPS satellites in view, and more
  • LED brightness and buzzer volume can be programmed to be at highest levels only when armed
  • Comes with 6″/15cm connection cable


The InfoPanel LCD display makes it easy to check the status of your Vector equipped model and configure settings at the field, without needing to use a laptop or video goggles.

  •  ip-telemBacklit LCD display is easy to read in bright sunlight or darkness
  • Hot pluggable/unpluggable for ground only use.   Rugged and light enough to be permanently mounted to your model.
  • Shows pack voltage, remaining mAH, number of satellites in view, and compass readout (for testing the compass)
  • Shows Vector notifications and error messages
  • Lets you fully configure the Vector and change settings at the field with your radio sticks, without needing goggles or a laptop
  • Comes with 6″/15cm connection cable

Plug & Play AV Cables for Fatshark/IRC/GoPro Hero 3/4 (VEC-CAB-IRC-FS, VEC-CAB-GOPRO)

Wiring your Vector is now even simpler if you use the popular Fatshark/IRC style video transmitters, and either a Fatshark style camera or GoPro Hero 3/4 camera!   Just plug the cable in to your video transmitter, camera and Vector, with no adapter cables or wire splicing needed!

  • Fatshark Camera version is factory set for 5V cameras, but is easily modified for 12V cameras that use the same 3 pin micro JST connector
  • GoPro Hero 3+ version provides both video and microphone to your transmitter, and also powers your GoPro!
  • Both cables include a convenient 5V tap for powering multirotor receivers (NOT for powering servos!)

See the full range of Vector related products here.   Thanks, and let us know if we can answer any questions!

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