Thursday, March 30, 2023
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FLIR Infrared Equipped UAV Systems Now Available at President Cliff Whitney has used his interests in photography and multi-rotor aircraft to come up with a series of affordable small UAV systems that employ gimbal stabilized  infrared camera systems from FLIR. FLIR Systems Inc. is the world leader in thermal imaging, night vision, and infrared cameras. Infrared technology uses thermal radiation instead of visible light, making it useful for nighttime or severe weather use as it detects temperature differences. This makes FLIR’s technology incredibly useful for applications such as search and rescue, surveillance, security, manufacturing process control, research and development, recreation, navigation, transportation safety, law enforcement, and as a non-invasive diagnostic tool. Since the system works solely off of thermal radiation, it can even detect structural flaws in buildings that are invisible to any other sensor system.

These all electric, GPS-equipped flight systems from Atlanta Hobby feature full video downlink capabilities and start at under $5000. These complete aerial solutions fit in a small case that can easily integrate into a squad car or fire truck. They are easy to fly and can stay in the air for long periods of time. These systems allow companies and municipalities to get the job done and save lives without breaking their budgets.

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