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FLYSAFE: Leading UAV Education

Training in Las Vegas (2014).

The story of FLYSAFE goes back to the childhood friendship and passion of flying radio control (RC) airplanes and helicopters of founders Charles Eide and Michael Danielson. The journey began at a young age at a local Academy of Model Aeronautics flying club just outside Minneapolis, MN where they joined a community of members who shared a similar passion for flying and a strong desire to teach and share with others how to fly properly and safely.

Countless flights, experiments and 20 years later these two found themselves still enthralled with RC flight, particularly with the new development of multirotors and the explosion of new technology. Add a burning entrepreneurial spirit and less than clear FAA regulation for commercial applications and uses for these systems and FLYSAFE was born to become the leading source for civilian UAV safety focused on education and certified training.

Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, FLYSAFE travels the country hosting its independent certification UAV/sUAS drone training events and expos. Cities have included Las Vegas, Atlanta, Minneapolis and Chicago, each providing a unique experience with more destination cities to come.

The three-day trainings are filled with intensive classroom instruction, simulator practice, a networking and social event, flight demos at a local AMA flying field and of course, the written exam and practical flight test.

The expo continues to score high with graduates with some of the industry’s leading vendors and providers showing off the latest technology while spending time gett ing to know them as they get their feet wet or make their next big investment. Popular vendors have included Canon, Copter Kids LLC., ThunderPower, Futaba, Atlanta Hobby, UAV Experts, Go Professional Cases, Academy of Model Aeronautics, Eagle Tree Systems, 3DR, Connex, Jeti USA, Esprit Models, IntelligentUAS and many more.

Beginning November 2015, FLYSAFE will be offering the FLYSAFE Instructor Academy (FSI). By training individual FLYSAFE instructors it will create a more grass-roots approach in the training industry with pilots all over the country. This will deploy a nationwide system for FLYSAFE trainings to happen all over the United States, making FLYSAFE the easiest to access, most aff ordable education system for the amateur and professional. Once deployed, the FSI (FLYSAFE Instructor) system will allow people from anywhere in the country to get trained according to the FLYSAFE standards, by a Certified FLYSAFE Instructor in their area.

Many graduates continue to come back to stay up to date on the most current technology and material as well as in various volunteer roles. FLYSAFE is continuing to add more off erings to its trainings as a leader in the industry with anticipation of the official FAA rules and regulations for sUAS, UAV and Drone operations in the national airspace. With the FSI network in place, implementing the FAA rules and standards (once released), will be a simple process, making FLYSAFE the world’s fi rst training network for this exciting industry.

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