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Foldable 3D-Printed FPV Quadcopter


We love to bring projects and plans to our readers in our other publications and what better way to launch a new magazine than to have a custom-designed quadcopter and make it available to you for FREE?  Well, it is not totally free as you will need to buy the electronics and have access to a 3D printer, but the design is free and even if you don’t have access to a printer, we can help you there as well.


Below are two files for each part.  The .STL files (Adobe_Fireworks_STL) are the all set to slice with your printer’s slicing software and then send to the printer.  The .SKP files (SU_signature_v1_HiRes-2) are the original Sketchup files that you can feel free to modify as you see fit.

All the parts were printed with 3 top and 3 bottom layers, 30% infill, and 3 perimeters.  No support is necessary.  All parts were printed with PLA filament (orange parts printed on a Ultimaker 2 and the white parts printed on a Leapfrog Creatr)


If you don’t have a 3D Printer but would like to get a mount, please contact me at and I will put you in touch with someone who can print one for you.

Top Frame Plate


Adobe_Fireworks_STLFPV-Quad-Top-Plate.stl   SU_signature_v1_HiRes-2FPV-Quad-Top-Plate.skp

Bottom Frame Plate


Adobe_Fireworks_STLFPV-Quad-Bottom-Plate.stl   SU_signature_v1_HiRes-2FPV-Quad-Bottom-Plate.skp

Modified files for the Makerbot Replicator 2 (Thanks to ‘Scifictus’ on Thingiverse)

Adobe_Fireworks_STLBottom Plate for Replicator 2.stl   SU_signature_v1_HiRes-2Bottom Plate for Replicator 2.skp



Adobe_Fireworks_STLFPV-Quad-Arm-NHT.stl   SU_signature_v1_HiRes-2FPV-Quad-Arm-NHT.skp



Adobe_Fireworks_STLFPV-Quad-Legs.stl   SU_signature_v1_HiRes-2FPV-Quad-Legs.skp

Electronics Cover


Adobe_Fireworks_STLFPV-Quad-Electronics-Cover.stl   SU_signature_v1_HiRes-2FPV-Quad-Electronics-Cover.skp

Fatshark Camera Mount

fatshark camera mount

Adobe_Fireworks_STLFPV-Quad-Fatshark-Camera-Mount.stl   SU_signature_v1_HiRes-2FPV-Quad-Fatshark-Camera-Mount.skp


Mission Planner Screen Shots


MultiRotor Pilot Magazine - 3D Printed FPV Quad Mission Planner Software - Extended Tuning
Above are the PID settings that were used to get the best performance on the FPV Quad. Keep in mind that these settings were for our particular liking on our machine and they might vary based on the feel you are trying to achieve. But these should be a good starting point.
MultiRotor Pilot Magazine - 3D Printed FPV Quad Mission Planner Software - Firmware Selection
If you are going to use the FPV Quad in the Spider configuration then you need to select the appropriate firmware. If you plan to use it as an X quad, then you need to reflash the HKMega APM controller with that firmware
MultiRotor Pilot Magazine - 3D Printed FPV Quad Mission Planner Software - Radio Calibration
This is the Radio Calibration Screen in the Mission Planner software


Assembly Photos



  1. This is for the magazine. Could you put the definition for all of the abbreviations. FPV. NTM. NEO-6M GPS. And so on. This would be for people like myself who are trying to learn but the information is hard to find. (Definition ) and what they do , and what you need for a. Successful flight. I am on my 4th helicopter 2 from the mail and 2from a Hobbies store blade 130x. And a synergy N5c. Plus my proto x.HELP US NUBES

    • Hey Joe. That’s a great idea, actually. I’ll see if we can’t get something online for all of those people unfamiliar with the abbreviations.

  2. Where can I get the short kit?

  3. Cool design. I had a few questions since I was thinking of using your design. Do you have a list of components that you used? Are you using a GoPro simultaneously with a FPV camera? When you mention “3 perimeters,” is that the same as “3 shells” on a Makerbot Replicator 2?

    • Hi Kent, thank you for your comment. The list of components is in the magazine… do you have a copy? I use either a GoPro or a FPV camera but not both. If you use a gopro you can get a cable that lets you feed the video TX directly so the camera can record and act as an FPV camera. Yes, 3 perimeters and 3 Shells are the same – just different language based on the platform.

      let me know if you need anything else

  4. joe boyd. ( BUZZARD)

    To Erick had trouble on the other web site. Anyway I know you have been entadated with requests for the 3-D. Printer. I am looking my self. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks for your time. And thanks for bringing the hobby to the test of us. Joe. ( BUZZARD)8

  5. Building two of these tomorrow! Will take some pics in case you want to run a follow-up article!

  6. Hi,

    All links are broken. Can you reupload stl-s?

    • John
      I just checked and they all seem to be working fine… I am using Chrome

      • I been printing without an issue but it seems the Top Plate is flipped with the 4 studs facing down which means I have to add a lot of support, so I am using Simplify3D when I flip it and run silcer all the holes are gone and only the four studs show while the rest is all solid, can you help?

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