Wednesday, March 14, 2018
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Graupner C-Props


PRICE: $11.90-$14.90
If there’s one thing our drones can’t fly without, it’s props … quite literally. While there might be a vast number of sources and all types of props out there, how do you know what’s best for your machine? Graupner has the answer in the form of their new line of C-Props designed specifically for drones. Let’s take a closer look to see if they might fit the bill for your needs.

The C-Props were designed from the ground up to be used exclusively by drones. Graupner concentrated on two specific things while developing the props; first, to make them thin and as efficient as possible, which makes for longer flight times and an overall improvement in flight efficiency. Sec- ond, they designed the props to be as quiet as possible, which means less noise on the ground and more importantly, less noise in your aerial video.

For the serious FPV racer, the C-Props are available in a 5 x 3 size, they come in packs of four and are available in three different colors; red, black, white or yellow. For the larger sized machines (400- 550mm), the C-Props are available in 9 x

4 and 10 x 4 sizes, also in the same four color choices. The larger two options are sold in pairs and Graupner even offers a few different bore sizes on the prop hub, so you won’t have to ream them out if you have machines with different size motor shafts. The prices range from just under $11 for the four-pack of race props to just under $15 for the pairs of 10 x 4 models.
Next time you need a li le prop love for your rig, be sure to check out the new C-Props from Graupner. They are available from Open Hobby in the USA and not only will they make your drone perform be er, they will also make it look super cool while doing it with all the different color choices. =


GRAUPNER, (855) 572-4746