Monday, February 6, 2023
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Hot Tip Tuesday!! Custom Foam Storage/Transport Cases With VIDEO

I’m sure you’ve all suffered the same fate as me at some point or another. You reach into that spare parts bin for a replacement camera, only to find out the lens is all scratched up from flopping around in the compartment it was in. Perhaps those replacement motors you grabbed to repair your race rig before the next heat have dirt in the magnets from rolling around loose, exposed to the elements. Maybe you grabbed your AP rig to grab some sweet video of a spectacular sunset, only to find out that your filters are all dirty from not being stored properly or that SD card is no where to be found in the case. All of the above are frustrating for sure, but there’s a simple and dirt cheap way to effectively store and transport all those tiny bits and pieces we are so direly dependent on. Custom cut foam parts trays made from material you probably have laying around the shop or man cave.

I took all of about 30 seconds to trace the outline of the Spektrum 1100 AIO, cut it, shove the unit in the foam and then jab four holes next to it for the Race Edition motors from

I had a few foam pieces left over from a recent charger acquisition (Dynamite Passport Ultra Duo) that came upon the chopping block during a heavy cleaning session. I was about to trash them, when it occurred to me that I was always worried about my FPV parts and pieces getting all bashed up in my transport cases. I snatched a few cams and vTX’s from said case, traced some rudimentary outlines with a sharpie and had some custom cut foam parts trays made within seconds for all my small, and vital, yet usually expensive components. The foam I used seems to be somewhere in the neighborhood of polyethylene or polyurethane, but it really doesn’t matter what you’re working with, so long as it’s available and flexible.

Safely store and transport all your micro 1S packs. This block will hold twenty of them standing straight up (Some larger 180-255mAh LiPo packs might need to be laid diagonally to fit within your chosen hard case).


  • Leftover foam from a recent purchase
  • A hobby knife with a new blade
  • A cutting mat or some cardboard (To protect your work surface)
  • A marker/pen to trace your parts


  1. Trace a rough outline of your parts on the foam
  2. Cut said outline with knife, making sure to cut a bit inside the lines (Don’t worry, with flexible foam, the parts will fit and be nice and snug)
  3. Cut entire piece into a block that is slightly larger than the bays in your case
  4. Stuff part into foam and foam into case
  5. Voila … safe and secure parts cases!!
This teeny, tiny micro cam with wired vTX could easily get damaged if not secured within my case. Now it’s snug as the proverbial bug in a rug.


Seriously though, I’m kinda pissed I didn’t think of this earlier … like, back in the 80’s when I was racing RC cars and couldn’t ever find what I needed because my parts box was an utter disaster. It literally costs nothing (in most cases), it takes mere seconds to do and the benefits of making such trays pays big dividends in the long run. If you’ve got loads of crucial, but delicate components floating around in your parts boxes, dig around and see if you’ve got any foam you can scavenge to protect your investments.

Until next Hot Tip Tuesday … Keep it real and keep it up.