Monday, February 6, 2023
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Inductrix FPV+: A Bigger, Faster, More Capable Inductrix

There’s no denying that the Blade Inductrix from Horizon Hobby has set off a firestorm in the FPV world. From the first custom camera mounted by Jesse Perkins, up through the Inductrix FPV and Pro versions, this tiny little quadcopter has developed a following like no other in the industry.

To give this new Inductrix more power and faster speed, Blade strapped some big ole 8mm brushed motors into the model.

Now, Horizon and Blade have upped the ante with their upcoming Inductrix FPV+, which features larger 8mm brushed motors, a battery more than twice the size of previous versions and a cool new feature they refer to as Meow Mode. What’s Meow Mode? Simple, when the drone crashes upside down, you simply engage it to reverse two of the motors to flip the model back onto its feet. That’s pretty damn sweet!

To feed those bigger motors the power they need, Blade went with a 5oomAh LiPo flight pack for longer flight times and added a high current battery connector.

Other features include the proprietary SAFE system for easy beginner flights, the same ducted fan motor shrouds, an LED in the tail and a turtle canopy complete with a 600TVL camera and 25mW vTX. Just add your own 5+-channel Spektrum transmitter and you’re ready to rip it up with this bigger and more powerful micro machine.

Blade is serving the Inductrix FPV+ in both BNF and RTF trim and they should be out sometime in October, just in time for the cold winter months and indoor flying season.

Check em out or pre-order yours at the link below: