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International Drone Day – Saturday March 14, 2015

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Over 150 teams throughout the world are coming together on one day to educate the public about the positive ways in which “drones” are used to better society in many beneficial ways, with a mantra of: “Drones are Good!” Las Vegas has been chosen as the host city for the worldwide lead event on the first annual International Drone Day, but there will be events on every continent. Drones, also referred to as multirotors, quadcopters, flying robots, flying cameras, and UAVs, are not used by the drone community to harm or spy on people. Instead they are used in search and rescue, law enforcement, fire fighting, environmental research, conservation and preservation, agriculture, sports, photography, cinematography, just to name a few. The events will highlight these uses of unmanned drone aircraft.

Key Points

  • The  goal is to educate the public that “drones are good” by highlighting their positive applications
  • 150 international teams taking part worldwide in 50 countries
  • Las Vegas has been chosen to represent Nevada and is the event headquarters
  • In North America, there are 60 teams in 40 states
  • GUINESS WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT: For most drones to be airborne at one time (newcategory)
  • All events are open to the press and public, no admission required
  • International Drone day was founded by: David Oneal and Sarah Oneal, online personalities of “That Drone Show” and directors and producers of the forthcoming documentary “The Drone Invasion”

Press Contact information:

David Oneal and Sarah Oneal – dsonealing@gmail.como

Telephone   818.584.6470 or 562.286.1713o

Twitter:  @thatdroneshowo

Instagram:  @thatdroneshowo


YouTube:    That Drone Show (

Web  www.thatdroneshow.como

Web  www.internationaldroneday.como

Social media hashtags #dronesaregood #internationaldroneday