Wednesday, March 14, 2018
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JR Ninja 400MR 3D Quadcopter Kit

JR, a premier manufacturer of RC helicopters of all sizes and applications for over 20 years, knows a thing or two about rotorcraft. To prove it, they have just announced the release of their first entry to the multi-copter market – the Ninja 400MR. This high-quality, aerobatic 3D quadcopter kit is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. With four independent brushless outrunner motors turning fixed pitch propellers, the Ninja is designed to reverse direction quickly. The Ninja is a very agile model with a very wide performance envelope. And yet it retains a level of simplicity and is also lightweight, for unreal performance in the air!

Central to its incredible flight characteristics is a custom-tuned, 6-axis gyro stabilization flight control system that plugs directly into an XBus-compatible receiver for simple setup and operation. The core of the Ninja 400MR’s construction is a beautiful carbon fiber main frame with four main aluminum arms and low parts count. A beautifully airbrushed polycarbonate canopy protects the Ninja from both the top and underside, as well as concealing and streamlining the radio equipment and battery. The body attaches to the chassis with body pins and clips in a manner similar to that used on an R/C car. This allows for easy access to the battery.

This comprehensive kit requires only an XBus DMSS receiver and JR DMSS transmitter, a 3S 2200mAh battery, and a few hours’ worth of assembly time to get it in the air. Own a multicopter that stands out ahead of the rest, the Ninja 400MR by JR.


Multicopter NINJA 400MR Japan Remote Control CO

Multicopter NINJA 400MR internals2

Multicopter NINJA 400MRinair