Monday, February 6, 2023
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Lynxmotion Hunter VTail 400 Drone

We are working hard getting this first issue ready… but we wanted to take a second to give you a sneak peak at a project that we are working on…The Lynxmotion Hunter VTail 400… First flight tests are today…. Check out the performance of this very cool quad on the factory’s video.


MultiWii Flight Controller Specifications:
• MultiWii compatible Flight controller for UAV/Drones
• Arduino compatible platform
• Based around the ATmega 328 CPU that integrates a MPU6050 a 3 axis Gyroscope as well as a 3 axis Accelerometer.
• Up to 8-axis motor output and 2 servo output for camera
• Small innovative 36mm x 36mm board size
• Includes affordable, small, light-weight and up-to-date sensors
• Build-in Micro USB connection
• Includes two sets of three pin 90deg. headers already soldered to the board

Motor Specifications:
• Optimized for 2-4S LiPo Cells (11.1V to 14.8V nominal)
• Kv: 1000 (RPM/Volt)
• Max Continuous current: 15A
• Dimensions: 27.7mm x 32mm
• Weight: 58g
• 3mm bullet connectors
• 300mm wires length

Electronic Speed Controller Specifications:
• 12A continuous discharge, 16A burst
• Ideal for 2-4S LiPo, 6-12 Cells NiMh
• Provides 5V, 1A Linear Mode BEC
• High speed SimonK Firmware for MultiRotors
• Programmable via RC Transmitter
• Deans connector for power input
• 3mm female bullet connectors for motors
• 200mm long signal wires with JR (servo) connection
• 125mm long power wires
• 35mm long motor wires
• Size: 27mm x 22mm x 7mm
• Weight: 9g