Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Parrot has made quite the name for themselves with their lineup of super-advanced electronics. Consumers can choose from their vast array of drones, automotive accessories and more. One of the most popular machines they produce is the Bebop drone. This little hot rod has been reviewed in Drones Magazine, both with and without the Skycontroller transmitter. The Bebop is fun to fly, it captures great video and pictures, it’s durable and you get 10 to 12 minute flight times with the stock 1200mAh LiPo batteries. What’s the one thing most pilots want from their machines when considering camera carrying rigs? Flight times, of course.

MaxAmps Bebop Lipo p1MaxAmps is your go-to source for any and all of your LiPo, NiMH and LiFE battery needs and they have just what the doctor ordered for your Bebop drone. Their new 2000mAh 100C 3S LiPo boasts 40% more runtime than the stock Parrot battery and packs loads more power. To address the odd shape of the stock batteries, MaxAmps developed a custom tray that their new pack slides into that is then strapped into the Bebop. Buyers can get the battery with or without the tray, but it definitely works well and makes the machine look great. They offer up the trays in blue, red and yellow to match whatever color Bebop you have. While you cannot use the stock charger to top off this new MaxAmps LiPo, it uses a mini Tamiya/Molex plug so cables for whichever charger you have should not be hard to find. Just be aware that airsoft batteries use the same connector type, but the polarity is reversed.

Performance with the new battery was fantastic. We immediately noticed an increase in power on the initial liftoff. The MaxAmps LiPo is a bit heavier than the stock battery but it makes up for that in power. We were able to perform the same aerobatic flips and rolls with the same authority, except with this pack, we were able to do it for 40% longer than with the stock cells. That equates to approximately 20 minutes of air time for shooting video, snapping pictures or busting stunts. Whether you’re looking for more run time, more power or both, this is the battery you need for your Parrot Bebop drone.

MAXAMPS, (888) 654-4450