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Multi-Rotor Drone Propeller with Unparalleled Thrust and Efficiency

Need longer flight time for your multi-rotor drone? This is not a rocket science anymore.

R. Cordova, CA (November 21, 2016) – Master Airscrew (MAS) introduced a new line of aerodynamically optimized ultra high performance propellers for Multi-Rotor drones named – the “MR” series. Suitable for both commercial and hobby applications, the novel propellers will be available in diameters from 7” to 16” and various pitch angles.mas-mr-propeller

Key features

  • Thrust – Having the best propulsion system with the widest lift range is a design goal of every professional or hobby drone builder.
    MR: offers up to 11% HIGHER thrust than offerings of leading competitors.
  • Efficiency – Every extra minute counts!
    MR: offers up to 14% BETTER efficiency than offerings of leading competitors.
  • Low Vibration profile – smooth, wobble-free aerial cinematography.
    MR: is factory pre-balanced for minimum vibrations – thus addressing the problem at the source – something that no absorbers and up-scale gimbals can truly cope with.
  • Silent operation – noise reduction is critical when operating nearby populated areas. MR: features an advanced CFD refined airfoil design and structural geometry with special focus on the reduction of the turbulent airflows.
  • Durability
    MR: propellers are manufactured from GFR Polymer composite for optimal strength / flexibility ratios.

    First MR propellers (certain sizes) will be available for purchase starting Nov 21st. Expect new diameter/pitch sizes on a regular basis.

    More information: Phone: (916) 631 – 8385
    Fax: (916) 631 – 8386