Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Our Name Has Changed

Drones-9-Cover-I am sure that many of our readers will agree that using the word “drones” does not cause the same cringing feeling that it might have a year ago.  The mass media has seemed to relax a bit with their efforts to make our “drones” out as bad and evil machines. In fact, I find that when talking to people from outside the hobby, telling them that I work with drones helps them to instantly recognize what I do and what our magazine is about.

Our goal with this magazine is to bring information to the masses and to show multirotor (drone) technology in a positive light, with continual focus on expansion of the industry by means of education and entertainment.  Many people are looking to this technology as a means of starting a business or developing products to enhance the industry and we want to be here to support that.  Our contributors and staff are out there in the field working professionally, both flying and educating.

So after a lot of research, polling and planning we decided to change the name of Multirotor Pilot magazine to Drones. This should make the magazine much more attractive on the newsstands to the general consumer and we strongly feel that it will help in our mission to support and expand this industry and hobby.

We want to thank all of our readers and the manufacturers for all of their support.  They are the ones who make it all happen and allow us to publish the best possible reviews, How-To articles and other exciting coverage … to feed your need for these awesome machines.

Erick Royer
Executive Editor Drones Magazine