Saturday, June 24, 2017

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Eliminating Vibration

One of the most commonly overlooked challenges in the use of multirotors is vibration. I hope that you would naturally identify and rectify prop vibration as part of your normal preflight checks

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3 Quick Tips for Getting into Multirotors

Considering I am fairly new to the RC hobby, I figured a good article topic for the first issue of Multirotor Pilot magazine would be tips on choosing your first multirotor. I am rather experienced in this area considering that I have been building and flying multirotors for a little bit over a year.

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Latency Explained

From Multirotor Pilot Issue: 8 by Erick Royer One of the primary reasons that people buy a multirotor is for video and photo capture from the air. Both hobbyists and professionals alike find countless uses for capturing this bird’s-eye footage. From aerial selfies to …

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