Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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FLYSAFE: Leading UAV Education


The story of FLYSAFE goes back to the childhood friendship and passion of flying radio control (RC) airplanes and helicopters of founders Charles Eide and Michael Danielson. The journey began at a young age at a local Academy of Model Aeronautics flying club just outside …

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Xoar Carbon Fiber Props

Xoar Carbon Fiber Props Main

Xoar International is a company with 40 years of experience in manufacturing propellers for both RC hobbyists and commercial applications, from RC airplanes and multirotors, to large industrial UAVs, powered parachutes and even ultralight aircraft . Xoar propellers have been known to the industry as one of the most …

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Configure OpenPilot CC3D Evo

Configure OpenPilot CC3D Evo Main

The CC3D flight control board is one of the most popular open source controllers out there today, but getting it working properly poses a daunting task for those not familiar with it. The following is a simple tutorial that should help to cover the …

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MaxAmps Bebop Lipo

MaxAmps Bebop Lipo Main

Parrot has made quite the name for themselves with their lineup of super-advanced electronics. Consumers can choose from their vast array of drones, automotive accessories and more. One of the most popular machines they produce is the Bebop drone. This little hot rod has …

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