Wednesday, March 14, 2018
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88007RC_79mm-legsxxxTaking micro-quads to the next level

Last year RC Logger introduced their hugely popular micro quad, The RC Eye One. This little quad offered tons of performance and value and with the addition of RC Logger’s FPV camera system you had the perfect platform for aerial video and experimenting with FPV (first-person view). By the time you read this, RC Logger’s new quad, the RC EYE One Xtreme will be on the market. The Xtreme is, for lack of a better description, the original RC EYE One on steroids.

• Altitude height hold function
• Front and side orientation LEDs
• Brushless motors with auto power-off function
• Acrobatic flip function
• Extremely stable flight characteristics through gyro and accelerometer
• 2.4GHz with FHSS and PPM
• Three flight modes, from beginner to expert
• Robust frame construction
• OneLINK compatible
• Additional camera tray for the Aerial Kit, suitable for GoPro, SOCAM, RC Logger and similar cameras
• Direct trigger for RC Logger PRO/HD

The new RC EYE One Xtreme features four powerful brushless motors, which offer a tremendous increase in performance, especially when used in ACRO flight mode, giving you the ability to perform some extreme aerobatics. For you adrenaline junkies, the expert ACRO mode, coupled with the Xtreme’s automatic flip function, will have you performing aerobatics that you never thought possible from a micro quad.

88007RC_ZB_04_FBxxxThe Xtreme features RC Logger’s latest 6-axis gyro stabilization technology and when coupled with the pilot assisted flight modes, even a beginner can be successful and start having fun right out of the box. The Xtreme has a new feature called Altitude Height Hold, which when activated, will keep the quad at a specified altitude, giving new pilots a safety barrier. This function is also good for aerial surveillance or photography, allowing you to concentrate on getting the shots you need rather than worrying about crashing into the ground.

OPERATING ENVIRONMENT: Indoors and outdoors
PROPELLER DIAMETER: 5.43 in. (138mm) with small propellers; 5.91 in. (150mm) with big propellers
TOTAL HEIGHT: 3.15 in. (80mm) with standard legs; 4.53 in. (115mm) with long legs
BATTERY: 7.4V LiPo PAYLOAD: Approx. 3.53 oz. (100g) excluding Xtreme unit, battery and all accessories
FLIGHT TIME: 5-7 min. (800mAh battery without payload or 1150mAh battery with payload)
WEIGHT (without battery): 5.54 oz. (157g) with standard legs; 5.68 oz. (161g) with long legs
TRANSMITTER RANGE: max. 400 ft. (free field) PRICE: $129.00 (RTF); $149.00 (OneLINK); $109.00 (ArF)

The Xtreme comes with a front-pointing LED as well as two flashing position lights on either side to aid the pilot in orientation.

Stay tuned for a full review on the new RC EYE One Xtreme micro quad in an upcoming issue. bThe RC EYE One Xtreme is available in a complete RTF (ready-to-fly) package which comes with a 2.4GHz transmitter, or you can purchase it with a soon-to-be-released OneLINK unit, which will allow you to fly the Xtreme with your favorite transmitter from companies like JR, Futaba, Spektrum and others by connecting to the PPM receiver port.