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Review: Blade Inductrix

This article was originally published in The Drone Mag’s April/May 2016 issue.

I’m not going to lie when I say that I’m certainly not first in line for any of the cool quad-stuff that comes into the office. Part of that may be that I’m not the best flyer – I’ve put my share of flying machines nose-first into the ground (and into trees). That’s probably why I got ‘first dibs’ on the Inductrix – a micro quad that is supposed to be easy to fly, has protection around the blades and, best of all, comes with Horizon’s SAFE Technology. Oh, and it weighs in at a miniscule 19g. What can I really hurt with something that only weighs 19g? As this review revolves around the BNF version of this quad, that means I needed a radio system. Out came my trusty Spektrum DX6i, a 2.4GHz, 6-channel DSM radio that stores 10 models and features enough functionality for someone getting into flying, like me.

DISTRIBUTOR: Horizon Hobby
TYPE: Quadcopter
FOR: Anyone
PRICE: $49.99 (BNF)
LENGTH: 3.27 in. (83mm)
HEIGHT: 1.1 in. (28mm)
PROPELLER DIAMETER: 1.14 in. (29mm)
BATTERY: 150mAh 3.7V 25C LiPo
MAIN MOTOR: (4) micro brushed
DURATION: 7 minutes
NEEDED TO COMPLETE: 4-Channel Radio System with Spektrum DSM2/ DSMX 2.4GHzTechnology


• Cool design that sets it apart from normal quads
•? EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) works flawlessly ?
• Clear ‘bumpers’ around the fan blades make flying virtually risk-free ?
• Comes with two pre-painted replaceable covers – blue and red ?
• 150mAh 3.7V LiPo provided excellent flight times ?
• Convenient USB charger
• SAFE Technology makes it a snap to get up and flying fast

• It’s addicting – I need more batteries!

Not only do I love the look of the Inductrix, but it flies amazingly well. Binding only took a few seconds and I was up and buzzing around the living room landing on tables, chairs and even a few Christmas presents. The SAFE Technology makes it so easy to fly that I even had my wife give it a whirl – other than the typical first-flight fumbles, she picked it up quick and had a great time! Definitely one to get.

Review Blade Inductrix-9

Review Blade Inductrix-10

I popped open the see-through plastic container and removed the Inductrix and 150mAh battery. For the initial test, I plugged the USB charger into the face of my computer and charged the LiPo. When the red LED light went out, it was time to get this little four-blader up and into the air. I created a new model on my DX6i and bound the Inductrix to it. I shut everything off, turned on my DX6i again and was ready to go. The next step is critical; you must set the quad on a flat, level surface before plugging the battery in. This allows the self- leveling system to work correctly — if you don’t have the quad level, the moment you lift off it will zing away from you in an awkward fashion. So, after placing the Inductrix on a level surface, I plugged the battery in. The white and red running lights came on as did a flashing red light. The flashing red light means the quad is looking for the radio signal and, after a few seconds, turned to a solid blue – the Inductrix was ready!


Now, this is where I probably get in trouble most of the time. I’m mostly a car guy and, having driven RC cars for MANY years, I don’t normally have a ‘break-in’ period; I just mash the throttle and go. I, unfortunately, might take that same approach with micro quads. As I throttled up, the Inductrix launched into the air at a pretty extreme rate, bouncing off the ceiling and finally leveling out about six feet off the ground. I hovered for a moment, needing only a few clicks on the trims to get a hands free hover with little to no drift. Everything seemed good – let’s go visit Greg and Matt! I zoomed out of my office, down the hall and into Matt’s office, immediately hovering a foot off of his desk and causing mayhem by blowing papers around his desk. He took a few swats at it like it was a fly, but my trained ‘flight-flailing’ kept the Inductrix safe. I took a little more time to whisk around his office before heading down to see Greg. As I entered, I found that he was on the phone with someone; well if that ain’t an invitation to mess with him I don’t know what is. I hovered over him for a second or two before diving down and landing on his desk, then over to the top of his 3D printer, then over to his windowsill before finally coming to rest on his keyboard. I got a dirty look but, hey, I was having fun flying this thing! As I made my way back to my office, I noticed the white and red running lights starting to flash followed by the inability to fly upwards any more. This is the Inductrix was saying that the battery is low and it was time to shut down and recharge.

Review Blade Inductrix-11


The Inductrix really is a fun little micro quad that truly is exceptionally easy to fly. The EDF setup is powerful, the runtimes are great and the SAFE system helps first- timers feel like a pro – my wife can attest to that – she’s a first time flyer of ANYTHING! I would highly recommend the Inductrix to anyone looking to get into the quad world. I would also suggest picking up an E-flite 1-Cell CD LiPo Charger and a couple extra LiPo packs. This unit reduces charge times quite a bit, letting you get back to your new addiction.


HORIZON HOBBY 800-338-4639
BLADE 888-959-2305