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Rotor Craft RC Charge Case: Dont be left in the dark charge ages

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If you’re like me and fl y your electric models every chance you get, you will go through a lot of charge cycles. For the past few seasons I’ve been running my own DIY charge case with server power supplies. It worked fi ne, but I was looking to get more out of my charge experience and electronic capabilities from a quality company who was up for the challenge. For this I turned to a new, exciting and growing company, Rotor Craft RC out of sunny Apopka, Florida who specializes in custom built charge cases.


RC TYPE: Battery charge case
PRICE: $550-$694: Custom cases available


  • NANUK 910 waterproof case
  • 350 watt 24 volt Meanwell power supply
  • iCharger 208B ? 24 volt DC output banana ports
  • Dual cooling fans
  • Single balance and banana jack per channel
  • Optional second set for parallel charging
Rotor Craft RC is a division of Rotary Wing RC, an online brick and mortar hobby shop that offers popular model helicopter and multirotor brands, transmitters, batteries, upgrades, chargers and anything you can think of to get your rotorcraft into the air. They are a home grown father and some company that started in the back room of a cabinet making company’s warehouse. Both companies strive to not only carry the best products, but to have the best customer service in the industry. Father, Joe Cashwell has been a small business man for over 30 years and understands that customer service is number one and that compromise is unacceptable.

Rotor Craft RC is a charging case manufacturer that builds custom charge cases that are specific to each and every customer. They have never built two of the same case. The buyer gets to choose the color, logos, accessories and the design. Joe has a gift for being able to see the finished product before he starts and normally builds it several times in his head before he begins the actual project. Rotor Craft RC also offer transmitter and GoPro cases as well as all charging accessories, balancers boards, charge leads, power supplies, case decks, connectors, wire, USB chargers, step down converters and so many other items to assist in your own DIY charge case.

Rotor Craft RC now has a line of RTC (Ready To Charge) production built cases. These are pre-built cases that are perfect for traveling and for the customer that needs to charge at 20 amps or less. These are the favorites for the drone pilots, electric planes, RC cars and sub-500 class heli pilots.

MEET THE CASHWELLSRotor Craft RC Charge Case p2

Joe and Kyle Cashwell are the driving forces behind the two companies. You can fi nd the father/son team at the shop at least six days a week for over nine hours a day. They usually order in lunch so neither of them has to leave the shop and waste valuable work time. Both have their personal cell phones as the shop phone so they can answer calls and be connected to customers at any time of the day. The guys told me being connected with their customers, being part of the hobby and understanding the wants and needs of their fellow pilots keeps them driven on a daily basis. Joe and Kyle are not the only Cashwells in the hobby. Joining the RC ranks are Joe’s other two boys Ethan, age nine who flies with them on the weekends and Jacob, age three who has been simming for almost a year now. Just knowing that his sons all have the same passion for the hobby as Joe does is all he could ask for.

The guys are not just business owners; they also enjoy the hobby themselves on their free time. They go out every weekend to fly with the local guys and even meet customers at the shop on their days off to help them with helis and fly with them when they’re done. It’s like a connection that only people who fly model helicopters would understand. “We love flying, but our customers are what we love the most. I know, it sounds cheesy, but you just need to be here when two or three pilots are here doing service on their machines and pizza and wings get delivered. We always wait till everyone is done, even if it means being here for three hours past closing. Yes, it happens every week.” – The Cashwells

MY CHARGE CASE SETUPRotor Craft RC Charge Case p3

When I chose Rotor Craft RC to build me a charge case, I wanted something small enough to leave in the trunk of my car, that would still give me the ability to quickly charge two 6S packs at 10 amps when I’m at the field. The case itself is a NANUK 910 hard body waterproof case with a very small foot print. Under the deck lid, tucked inside the case is a Meanwell 350 watt 24 volt power supply giving me plenty of charge power on both channels and the external 24 volt banana port. Starting with the deck lid itself, it was designed in CAD and custom cut out on a CNC machine before being covered in a carbon fiber pattern vinyl overlay graphic. Once the deck lid was covered with vinyl, the cutouts were cut by hand with a sharp X-Acto knife before installing the case’s electrical components. With all the components installed and the case sealed up and tested, my work of art was complete.

The heart of the charging center is the iCharger 208B which gives me plenty of charge options. Below the charger is a huge deck with plenty of space to lay my packs when charging or a place for a custom logo if one chooses. On each side of the charger you can find cooling fans to ensure the heat leaves the case during hours of charging. Both channels have balance boards and banana ports for your charge leads. Last, but not least, the upper right corner has 24 volt outputs for plugging in a charger externally.

This case is one of Rotor Craft RC’s first of many production cases you will be able to order. When you call to make your purchase you can add cool accessories like custom deck lid logos, LED lights, custom fans, USB charge ports, servo test ports and more.


Rotor Craft RC Charge Case p6The guys at Rotor Craft RC certainly stepped up to the plate to deliver all you’d expect out of a quality charge case with the utmost attention to detail. After using my big custom Pulse 940 charge case and my mobile 910 case for the past few months, I can confidently say I would recommend this
product to anyone in the hobby looking for a cleaner, faster way to charge their batteries. Having the ability to safely charge two batteries at a time has saved me hundreds of precious minutes off of my charge times. The guys at Rotor Craft RC treated me great and sent me pictures throughout the build process to keep me involved with my build. Joe and Kyle told me that in five years they will have triple the inventory and hopefully be at the top of the list for everyone’s go to online hobby shop. They are constantly making connections and bringing in new suppliers. Be sure to check them out for all your RC and charge case needs.

ROTOR CRAFT RC, (407) 656-7881
ROTARY WING RC, (407) 222-6698