Wednesday, March 14, 2018
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Traxxas Aton: Worth A Second Look Follow Up Flight Review

By Matt Maziarz INTRODUCTION Traxxas had made a few brief forays into the rotary winged arena, but mainly in the small, toyish realm. With the Aton, fully equipped with a GPS enabled flight controller and a wide flight envelope, Traxxas …

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SNEAK PEEK: Traxxas Aton – A Closer Look At The Sport Utility Drone

We reviewed the Traxxas Aton back when it first came out, but more than a year later we’ve come back around to take a closer look at this multi-faceted machine. First off, if you are already familiar with the name …

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Traxxas To Release The Much Anticipated Aton!

Āton makes it easy for everyone to enjoy capturing stunning aerial footage. With built-in features such as Auto-Take off and Return To Home, Āton’s on-board electronics allow it to practically fly itself while you focus on directing it over your …

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