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VIDEO: Want Better Penetration … Like 3.3GHz FPV Penetration?

If you’re an FPV junkie, you know how frustrating it can be to lose signal or suffer a weakened signal when traveling behind obstructions while flying on the standard 5.8GHz frequency. Well, the 3.3GHz system from Electrify RC and Hobby …

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JR Ninja 3D RTF Down To $299.99!!!!!

JR Ninja 400 MR 3D Main

You read that correctly folks. This awesome 400mm 3D capable quad is on sale for just under 300 bucks and it includes the XG6 radio that sells for $199.99 on its own! If that’s not an awesome reason to get …

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VIDEO: RISE House Racer: A Closer Look After A Few Flights

We take a look at a few features that make an already incredible bargain even better, the fully RTF micro racing drone that loaded with quality FPV components and backed by the Hobbico support team. If you’ve got a hankering …

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Rise House Racer Challenge Video Contest Opens

Rise House Racer

Indoor drone race challenge combines elements of FPV, course design and video for a chance to win $5,000! Champaign, IL — March 8, 2017 – Hobbico announces the House Racer Challenge, a video contest featuring the recently-launched House Racer Indoor …

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VIDEO: Drone Shenanigans On A Golf Course

No, we didn’t really golf with it, but as we were already on the empty course for another project, we had a little fun with the Xplorer V. LINKS HOBBICO XIRO

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Video: Autel X-Star Premium First Impressions and Flight

We all know how popular drones are these days and aerial camera rigs are probably tops on that list. The problem is, when you spend a thousand dollars or more on a machine and have a problem with it, you …

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HPRC Phantom 4 Case Combo

Let’s take a look at the new HPRC 2700W PHA4COMBO.  A new setup which combines the 2700W hard case with custom foam and a soft case that converts into a backpack.  You get the benefits of a crush proof case with wheels.  Perfect …

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The GUAV7, a Long Distance Drone Operable From a PC Through 4G Networks


Globe UAV GmbH, a developer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has announced the introduction of its GUAV7 drone, a long distance unmanned aircraft equipped with permanent HD video transmission for civilian use. The system has been developed in accordance with …

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VIDEO: Hog Barn FPV 2016 Freestyle By Michael Nieves

Michael Nieves is one of the best freestyle pilots around and he can hit the gates with the best of em. Check this sweet video out courtesy of his GoPro mounted on an Alien running 3-blades. Not too shabby Mike, …

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What does the fella who writes the Action Sports Insider column do on the weekends?

Drone Magazine’s own Mike Steidley isn’t just a camera and drone guru, he is also a sponsored rider for Team Haro. Check out some of his latest adventures in the video and be sure to check out each new issue …

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Sky Hero Club Racer Video: Mods

Check out a few slight modifications we have in store for our Sky Hero Club Racer 5-inch Stunt model to boost the looks and performance. LINKS Sky Hero Club Racer

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Amputee Gamer Gets New Bionic Arm Complete With A Drone!

James Young suffered a tragic accident in 2012 which ultimately left him without his left arm or leg. His new arm, designed by Sophie de Oliveira Barata from the Alternative Limb Project, comes at a cost of 90,000 dollars and packs …

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DJI Live Streaming To Facebook New App

Yes, we all know that pilots could already stream live feed to their YouTube channel, but in this day and age, Facebook is becoming the go-to source for media. Share, in real time, your flight videos with friends and family …

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