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Teal: Aiming to be the World’s Fastest Production Drone


The multirotor and drone industry continues to grow constantly with a prolific number of new companies, ideas, and advancements, but it only seems to be the beginning. Along with such a sudden rise in the industry over the past several years, comes eager minds aiming to conquer obstacles while further extending a list of what is truly possible with drones. George Matus, the mind behind Teal, is one of those eager minds. Matus, a young 18 year old, has created what he has claimed to be “the world’s fastest production drone.”

Teal is an American made and designed production drone capable of “fly[ing] over 70 MPH, withstand[ing] 40 MPH winds, [and is] built to run as many apps as you can think,” Matus notes in an open letter for the new company.

Matus has pointed out several other features of Teal as follows:

● Modes for complete beginners all the way to hardcore racers
● Three built­in apps: command and control, follow­me mode, and racing and gaming
● Control from a smartphone, tablet or hobby controller
● Teal OS, a software platform that lets anyone build amazing apps around it
● Fast processors that move data like never before, on board the drone

Teal is available now for pre-order at $1,299 on their website.

As a release promotion Teal is offering the first 500 people to purchase a Teal drone will be part of our Signature Series and receive a special edition drone with a custom design and inscription, and a free Endurance Package that doubles the drone’s battery life. Teal also states you will get your drone in time for Christmas; but if you aren’t one of the first 500 pre-orders, you can still get a free Endurance Package if you order before August 15th.

Check out an introduction video of Teal below along with specifications.



Max Horizontal Speed: 70+ MPH
Wind Resistance: 40 MPH
Flight Time (High Performance Battery): 10 minutes
Flight Time (High Endurance Battery): 20 minutes
Thrust to Weight Ratio: 4.8:1
Diagonal Size (Motor to Motor): 261mm
All Up Weight: 730g
Payload Capacity: 500g
Body Material: Carbon Infused/Polycarbonate Plastic
Connectivity: 3x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0, HDMI 2.0, GPIO, FPV Cam/Tx, PWM/PPM/DSM/Sbus
GPS Modes Standard, Differential, RTK
Hover Accuracy Standard: 1.5m, Differential: 0.5m, RTK: 0.1m
Range WiFi: 300ft, Extended WiFi: 2500ft, 2.4ghz Tx: 5000ft+


Sensor: 1/2.3″, 13MP
Lens: 150° FOV, f/2.5, focus at ∞
Image Size: 4224×3156 (4:3)
Recording Modes: 4K/24fps, 1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps
Electronic Stabilization: Yes
Photo Filetypes: JPEG, PNG
Supported SD Card Types: Micro SD, up to 64GB
Live Digital Video Stream: Yes
Live View Quality Up to 720p
VR Headset Compatible: Yes


GPU: 1 TFLOP/s, 256 core
CPU: 64­bit ARM A57 CPUs
Memory: 4 GB LPDDR4, 25.6 GB/s
Storage: 16 GB eMMC, SDIO, SATA


Capacity: 1800mah
Voltage: 15.2v
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
Energy: 27.36Wh
Net Weight: 250g
Discharge Rating: 45C


Voltage: 2s­4s Lipo Compatible
Rated Power: 50W


Ready To Fly: Yes
Aerobatic Capable: Yes
Waypoint Navigation: Yes
Geofencing: Yes
Autonomous Flight: Yes
Follow Me Mode: Yes
Automatic Landing: Yes
Return To Home: Yes
Sense and Avoid via Camera: With future update


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