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Twisted Hobbys cCopter 450mm Tri-Copter

cCopter 450mm Tri-CopterWe were just sent a video link of the new Twisted Hobbys 450mm cCopter and we were so impressed that we wanted to share it with you.  After looking at their website, we wanted to share some information on it with you.

From the looks of it, it seems to be an easy to build frame as it has unique snap-together features with minimal parts count.  If you watch the video you will see how impressive this copter flies; performing high-speed passes, flips, rolls and many other maneuvers that you would not typically expect a multirotor to do. It also has the capability to carry a GoPro or keychain-style camera or even FPV gear.  From watching this video, I think it would be an awesome FPV machine!

From their website…

The design of the cCopter is such that the rear boom also doubles as a spine that runs the length of the airframe. The rear boom/spine and the front booms are all tied together with plastic upper and lower deck plates. The design intent of this construction method is to provide a durable inner structure and an easy to replace and inexpensive outer airframe. The front feet and tail box, could literally be replaced at the field with a couple simple tools and a few minutes time. Another design consideration was the general shape, something that would be easy to gauge orientation from while flying. No need for colored booms or lights to tell which way is forward on this airframe.

Twisted Hobbys cCopter Tail Box

Each kit comes with all parts ready to assembly with very little work or tools required. Aluminum booms are all pre-drilled and tapped also all plastics and hardware are included. Please note this is for an airframe only, all electrical components are purchased separately.

Price: $74.99

Visit Twisted Hobbys website for more information by clicking here

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