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Unmanned Expert’s First Small UAS Multi-Rotor Aerial Photography Course – 26 May – 6 June 2014

Unmanned ExpertsUnmanned Experts is running the first of their Small UAS Multi-rotor Aerial Photography Courses over 16 May – 6 June, 2014 in the Centennial area of Denver, Colorado, USA. This will be a Combined Ground School and Flight Operations Course covering the following topics, to include simulator sessions and live quad-rotor Aerial Photography (AP) training flights:

• UAS Basics & AP Concepts of Operations
• Aerial Imagery Advantages
• AP Ethics & Privacy
• UAS Types & Roles
• Multi-Rotor System Design
• Video and Data Downlinks
• Camera Options and Considerations
• UAS Licensing & Regulations
• UAS Power and Support Systems
• Operator Interface
• Flight Management Systems
• Safety and Mission Planning
• Mission Execution
• Safety Management and Failsafe Systems
• Insurance Options
• Production Job Planning and Bidding
• UAS Costs & Business Planning
• Flight Simulator Instruction
• Flight Operations
• Two Man Team Operations
• Scenario Setup and Flight
• Post Flight Video and Image Process



Attendees will also get ‘Hands On’ experience flying Quadcopters equipped with video cameras and live video downlink systems.

• Realistic UAV Video Capture Simulator Scenarios
• Small UAV Flight Challenges as both Internal & External pilot
• UAS Video Project Mission Planning Practical
• Hazard Mitigation in the Commercial Environment

The instructor has ‘been there, done that’, and will be wearing the T-shirt when he passes you all the information required to get your own business up and running. This is the perfect time to take your interest in RC and UAS flying to the next level, and to lay the foundation for the tremendous career opportunities in this market.

Booking procedures and Course details are found on the website at

Should you have any questions about course content or admin procedures, feel free to contact them via the website at or by phone on +1 334 578 2900.