Friday, March 31, 2023
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Win A BNF Rambo Whoop From Micro Motor Warehouse

Benedikt and the rest of the crew at Micro Motor Warehouse (MMW) have been producing top notch electronics for our mini and micro machines for a while now and the Tiny Whoop seems to be their specialty. To that end, they put together a sweet Whoop package dubbed Rambo Whoop.


  • BeeBrain FC (FrSky)
  • MakerFire E010S Frame
  • F-01 AIO
  • Prop Set
  • Battery foam
  • PH2 Battery Lead
  • 20 & 35 Degree Camera Mounts

All of these awesome parts that normally retail for 100 bucks can be yours for a 2 dollar raffle purchase. Slap some MMW Fast or Insane motors in that bad boy and power it with some of the 205 or 255 HV packs they just got in and you too can have one bad ass Whoop. Check out the Video from MMW right HERE. 

You’ve got less than two days to enter, so get on it!!