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HobbyKing X900 Tricopter

The HobbyKing X900 was a great flying machine out of the box.  The addition of the RC Logger FPV system and a custom 3D-printed electronics case really made this tricopter shine.  Below are the settings that were used in the Mission Planner software for the HKPilot Mega flight controller board (APM 2.5).

In the Mission Planner software, you will need to select the tricopter so the software will load the correct firmware.
MultiRotor Pilot Magazine - HobbyKing X900 Tricopter Mission Planner Software - Extended Tuning
Above are the PID settings that were used to get the best performance on the X900. Keep in mind that these settings were for our particular liking on our machine and they might vary based on the feel you are trying to achieve. But these should be a good starting point.

 3D Printed Electronics Cover

Files and Photos

To keep the electronics protected and the wiring neat on the HobbyKing X900 Tricopter, I designed and 3D Printed this electronics cover.
3D Printed Electronics Cover for the HobbyKing X900 Tricopter
Here is the electronics with the cover removed. The GPS sensor is attached to the top of the cover with velcro so it can be easily removed.

This cover was printed on a LulzBot TAZ 3 3D Printer. The STL files were sliced using Slic3r and it was printed with:

  • 3 perimeters
  • 3 Top and Bottom Layers
  • 20% Infill
  • No support – the top cover was printed upside down so no support is needed.

The Bottom Cover

3D Printed Electronics Cover for the HobbyKing X900 Tricopter


The Top Cover

3D Printed Electronics Cover for the HobbyKing X900 Tricopter


The Sketchup Files

3D Printed Electronics Cover for the HobbyKing X900 Tricopter Sketchup File



If you don’t have a 3D Printer but would like to get a mount, please contact me at and I will put you in touch with someone who can print one for you.


  1. Hi,

    How does one create and read the stl and skp 3D printer files. Is there a certain software program? I am curious as it might be more cost effective for the single user to make the files he chooses and have someone else print them. Thanks.


    • You can use Sketchup which is completely free This will help you make the SKP files. Then you can download a plugin for Sketchup that allows you to export at STL. From there you can send the STL file to any printer. The files will have to be SLICED (or prepared) for the printer. Most printers have specific software to complete this task, but there are many freeware ones too. email me at if you have any more questions.

  2. The email address on the x900 tricopter article for acquiring a 3D printer case is not a valid address. Do you have a correct email address.

    Larry perry

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