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Dancing With Drones: An After Dark Museum Event You Wish You Went To


The Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey has long been a museum that kids love going to with its various hands on activities and eye-opening exhibits. Except last Thursday, August 18th, LSC had something new in store that …

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Little Arms Studios Launches the Drone Simulator Zephyr Beta

Zephyr main

August 1st marks the beta release of Zephyr, a drone training simulator that is uniquely designed for drone training and education developed by Little Arms Studios. The intent of Zephyr is to be the drone operator training tool educators want, combining accurate flight models and physics with a built in Learning Management System that tracks the pilot’s progress.

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HFP-30 Digital Servo Programmer and Universal Servo Tester


Hitec has a brand new field programmer they just released that looks to be a very helpful tool to keep by your side. Hitec has released details about the new programmer, which you can read below, along with an estimated price …

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Esprit Tech Jeti DC-24 Radio System

Esprit Tech Jeti DC-24 main

The time has come. Esprit Tech has reached final steps in the FCC process and the DC-24’s have shipped from Jeti Model! We have waited just as patiently as you, and are very excited to see these coming in. This revolutionary, …

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Operate Your Charger From a Distance With the Hitec WiFi Module

There's an app for that! That’s something you hear almost on a daily basis in these advanced tech times. There are apps for weight loss, apps for combining your face with a celebrity and finally ... an app for our RC chargers. Hitter just released their WiFi module for use with the X2 AC Plus and X2 AC Pro chargers.

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Phoenix Cup 2016 FPV Drone Race Event

The wildly successful Phoenix Cup, one of 40 regional qualifying races for the 2016 MultiGP Championship, drew in over 50 pilots to compete for a spot in the regional finals. Presented and hosted by Flite Factory

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RDX1 – AC/DC Battery Charger/Discharger


Introducing the powerful and portable RDX1, the latest addition to Hitec’s charger line. The RDX1 is an AC/DC ultra-performance microprocessor-controlled battery charger/discharger with management features suitable for all popular chemistries. Its sleek tower design allows easy front-loading plug-in convenience of balancing …

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Results for 2016 U.S. National Drone Racing Championships Presented by GoPro


Drone Sports Association (DSA), the leading global drone racing and drone sports entertainment company, today crowned Zachry “A_Nub” Thayer the 2016 U.S. National Drone Racing Champion. Presented by GoPro, the race took place in front of thousands of spectators on …

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Yuneec Releases First Person View Headset for Immersive Flying Experience


SkyView First Person View Headset Gives Users Ability to Pilot via Onboard Camera, Watch Movies and Play Video Games Yuneec International rcently announced the availability of its all-new SkyView first person view headset. As the world leader in electric aviation, Yuneec …

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See Why the Graupner Alpha 300 is Top Dog of 3D Quads!

While Graupner might not have been the first to the table with a 3D capable quadcopter, they sat patiently in their labs, carefully designing what might be the most advanced machine in the class to date. The Alpha 300 3D is a multi-faceted machine, but its “bread and butter” are the 3D qualities akin to the most hardcore CP heli models.

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Sky Hero’s Anakin Club Racer: FPV Racing Drone Review

Sky Hero has long been known as an excellent source for larger (500-700mm) machines with the Spyder line. However, focus has shifted of late, toward the fast paced world of FPV racing. While the unique design of the original Anakin set the model apart from the crowd, the Club Racer takes that innovation to the next level.

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Tactic FPV-C1 22 x 22 mm Video Camera


Super-small, for superior FPV! Install the 22 x 22 mm FPV-C1 into your favorite R/C model, and you’ll be shooting incredible First Person View videos in no time. It’s small and lightweight, so it’s easy to mount in virtually any …

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Tactic DroneView™ 1080p HD Wi-Fi® Camera


Shoot photos and 1080p HD video in real time! The DroneView 1080p makes it easy for everyone to shoot exciting First Person View video in full high-definition. This small, lightweight FPV camera is ideal for use with R/C models. Download …

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