Thursday, March 30, 2023
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What’s the Tattu Toppilot Lipo Battery and How to Get it?

  The team over at Tattu have a new lipo battery ready for your FPV racing needs Toppilot is a sponsored version under the Tattu brand, particularly designed for FPV racing competition. New materials were adopted in the new version …

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The ALTI Transition: Multi-Rotor and Fixed Wing, Electric and Fuel

Alti main

The ALTI Transition is a radically new VTOL unmanned aerial aircraft, developed from the ground up as an advanced fixed wing system with the ability to take-off and land vertically, anywhere. A powerful electric VTOL system allows the Transition to …

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The GUAV7, a Long Distance Drone Operable From a PC Through 4G Networks


Globe UAV GmbH, a developer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has announced the introduction of its GUAV7 drone, a long distance unmanned aircraft equipped with permanent HD video transmission for civilian use. The system has been developed in accordance with …

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Yuneec Typhoon H with Intel RealSense Technology Now Available for Preorder


Yuneec is getting serious with their newest upcoming release featuring Intel RealSense Technology to allow the Typhoon H to “fly autonomously, intelligently navigating around objects, taking safety and customers’ creative options to the next level.”  Yuneec International, the world leader …

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AERIX Drones Releases The New Black Talon Micro FPV Racing Drone

Black Talon_4509

AERIX Drones (formerly Axis Drones) launched the new Black Talon, a palm-sized FPV racing drone for beginners. The Black Talon, designed to be easy to learn and fly, is equipped with built-in barometer and altitude hold, which eliminates the need …

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Hitec Jumps Into FPV: The High Performance Vektor 280 Multirotor


Hitec has released a new high performance FPV racer ready to be added to wishlists and bought compulsively by drone racing enthusiasts. Check out Hitec’s description of their new racer below, which has been estimated to be $299.99 at your …

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Rise RXD 250 FPV Racer From Hobbico: First Look

The all new machine (and brand) from Hobbico is the RISE 250 RXD. It features and innovative frame construction and packs all the electronics you need to get into the air minus your radio and camera gear. LINKS RISE

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Hitec RCD Announces QuadRacer 280 Release

We got sneak peeks of the new FPV racers from Hitec in Toledo this year at the WEAK SIGNALS show, but now they’re finally revealed for the world to see. Buckle your seat belts folks, because these machines look to …

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Sky Hero Anakin Club Racer: Initial Reveal

Sky Hero hooked us up with their latest creation, the Anakin Club Racer. Designed to stand up to loads of abuse, the two different sizes (215 & 260mm) are loaded with proven winners in the electronics department. Grab yourself an …

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DJI Unveils Their New Phantom 4 In NYC

DJI, the go-to source for all your aerial media needs has long been the company to look to for whatever you need to capture spectacular pictures and video from aloft. However, their Phantom line had changed little, other than upgrades …

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DroneWeek Xiro Xplorer V: Video #2 Batteries

Check out the proprietary LiPo packs that give the Xiro Xplorer up to 25 minutes of flight time per charge. They even have a built-in charge meter! LINKS XIRO HOBBICO

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DroneWeek Xiro Xplorer V: Video #1 Overview

What exactly is a Xiro Xplorer? We all know it looks killer, from the early news bits about it, but what are you getting for your hard earned cash? Check out the video as well as the next four throughout …

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Parrot To Release Sequoia: Multi-Spectral Imaging Tool

Parrot revolutionizes precision agriculture with Sequoia: a miniaturized high-tech multispectral sensor, compatible with all civil drones. Crop management should evolve to become even more effective: it is necessary to know to better produce, improve its environmental performance, optimize its yield, save …

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