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QAV ZMR 250: Big On Performance, Small On Price!

From Multirotor Pilot Issue: 10 Though the drone industry is still relatively new, the two biggest genres to emerge in the hobby thus far have been aerial media rigs and race machines. Though the former might be cool when it comes to pictures …

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Eliminate “Jell-o” effect in your multirotor footage with Du-bro’s Prop Balancer

From Multirotor Pilot Issue: 8 by Peter Hejl It has probably happened to all of us; coming home excited after a great flight, just to discover that the footage we brought back is nice, but full of vibration-induced “Jell-o” effect. The Jell-o effect is …

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Ttrobotix Super Hornet X650 Kit: Ttrobotix Air Supremacy!

From Multirotor Pilot Issue: 10 By Peter Hejl Thunder Tiger is an RC electronics manufacturer that was established over 30 years ago and has become a global RC brand. Just like most of the other RC manufacturers, they decided to jump on the …

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Dromida Vista UAV: Flying Made Simple With The Vista

From Multirotor Pilot Issue: 10   Mini-quads are all the rage right now. They’re inexpensive, can be flown indoors or out and are extremely durable. So how do you make your decision when it’s time to buy? Personally, nothing bums me out more …

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AerialPixels DJI Ronin Thumb Stick-Joystick

From Multirotor Pilot Issue: 8 by Joe Papa AerialPixels DJI Ronin Thumb Stick–Joystick The value of a three-axis gimbal for capturing Hollywood cinematic footage is undisputed. The genius minds at AerialPixels are world leaders in this industry and cater to the most discerning and …

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Rotor Craft RC Charge Case: Dont be left in the dark charge ages

Rotor Craft RC is a division of Rotary Wing RC, an online brick and mortar hobby shop that offers popular model helicopter and multirotor brands, transmitters, batteries, upgrades, chargers and anything you can think of to get your rotorcraft into the air. They are a home grown …

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Heli Max Voltage 500 3D Rx-R: A New Electrifying 3D Stunt Quad

The Voltage 500 3D quadcopter comes out of the box set up to flip, roll, tic toc and even piro flip once you add a receiver. It comes fully assembled, requiring no soldering of any kind and has a very …

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Nanuk 945 DJI Phantom 3 Case

Many new DJI Phantom 3 pilots quickly see the need to purchase some sort of case to protect their aerial media platform when in transport or storage. Though penny pinching pilots whose freshly depleted wallets are still suffering the sting …

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JR Ninja 400 MR 3D: Lethal Agility & Power to Spare

JR Ninja 400 MR 3D Main

OPENING THE BOX The Ninja 400MR RTF comes in a rather large box as it contains separate boxes for the quad and the radio in addition to an empty carton to fill the space. The XG6 comes packaged just as it would if you bought …

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Aerial Video Systems: Fly Further Than You Ever Dreamed Possible

Aerial Video Systems Main

From FPV racing to aerial video shooting, FPV is the lifeline between your aircraft and the pilot/camera operator. It is what a cameraman uses to frame up those epic shots from a multirotor and it is the pilot’s “eyes” in an FPV racing machine. The …

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Xoar Carbon Fiber Props

Xoar Carbon Fiber Props Main

Xoar International is a company with 40 years of experience in manufacturing propellers for both RC hobbyists and commercial applications, from RC airplanes and multirotors, to large industrial UAVs, powered parachutes and even ultralight aircraft . Xoar propellers have been known to the industry as one of the most …

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Low-Cost, Beginner Drone: Revell Nano Hexagon

Revell Nano Hexagon Main

Words: Jimmy Beckett, Photos: Doug Tong Anytime something shows up that I get to take out for a test and have some fun with, like the Nano Hexagon, I am always excited. This small RTF or Ready-To-Fly hexcopter looked pretty cool and …

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Hands On With The GoPro Hero4 Session

GoPro Hero4 Session Main

FIRST THINGS FIRST It’s small, really small. The Hero4 session comes in at a fraction of the size of the regular Hero Cameras. It has some significant changes as well to its operation. Swapping to a one button setting that controls everything is …

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