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Dromida Kodo FPV: All In One FPV Starter Pack … On A Budget

Hot off the heels of the original Kodo camera drone, Dromida has revamped the sturdy machine with new camera setup and comes complete with a headset that can accommodate all but the largest of smartphones for the full FPV experience. No, it is not a 5.8GHz FPV system. Rather, it relies on WiFi transmission for the signal, but fear not. The newest generation of WiFi based drone devices suffer from far less latency (125-250 milliseconds), so as long as you’re not cruising at 80 mph, you’re good.



  • Everything you need (minus your smartphone) for 90 bucks!
  • Durable airframe … It’s a Dromida!
  • Spare props and batteries for the radio included
  • Long flight times of 5+ minutes
  • Auto-flips


  • No SD card slot on the drone



SIZE: 106mm (4.2 in.)

WEIGHT: 40g (1.4 oz)

BATTERY: 350mAh 1S LiPo



Shucks, considering their low cost, you could buy one each of the Kodo FPV and Kodo HD models to satisfy all your aerial media and need for speed. The new red trim scheme on the FPV model looks killer and if the performance is the same as the HD, it should be a thrill ride through the headset. It also helps that parts are readily available at both retail locations, as well as through Hobbico and Tower Hobbies.

Due out July/August 2017


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