Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Do You Even Whoop, Bro?

Well, do ya? It’s okay if you do. I mean, all of us (even the not cool kids) are doing it, so you should be too. Whether it’s because you’re trapped indoors all day due to work or family, the weather is just plain nasty during month long spans or you’re quite fond of flying in tight spaces, every pilot needs a Tiny Whoop. If you’re unsure of what to get or where to source your parts, just ask a flying buddy or two, chances are, they have a Whoop and can help steer you in the right direction.

If you’ve got no one to ask, it’s still cool, no worries. Yes, there are a vast number of mods you can perform, even greater numbers of parts you can buy (everything from flight controllers to motors to batteries to cameras to frame stiffeners to yatta, yatta) and within all that there are many choices left up to the end user. Our advice is to start slowly and figure out what you like and don’t like and go from there. A prime example of a “not too far from stock” machine is mine.

Here’s the lowdown of what I’ve got going on here:

  • Inductrix Gen1 frame and board
  • Micro Motor Warehouse Fast Motors
  • 205mAh HV PowerWhoop LiPo
  • PowerWhoop connector
  • 3D printed mount from Thingiverse
  • Spektrum Gen1 25mW AIO
  • Spektrum DX6

Yes, I’m aware of the BeeCore, BeeBrain and other various flight controllers out there that allow for a full PID tuning via software GUI’s. However, I don’t need to be doing flips and rolls while chasing my dogs (or vice versa) and to be completely honest, the stock board with some juiced up motors and batteries is spot-on, for me. I get a solid 2:30-3 minutes of goofing around with the 205 HV’s and there is a marked improvement in vertical performance as well as bail out power. The moral to the story is, buy what suits you best and buy from a reputable source. As for why I didn’t even touch on the subject of 2 versus 3 versus 4-blade props; well that’s a whole other ball o’ wax and for that, I’ll be spinning a whole separate weave. Until then, whoop on and keep it safe!