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Operate Your Charger From a Distance With the Hitec WiFi Module

There’s an app for that!
This article was originally published in June/July 2016 issue.


Who Makes It: Hitec
Part Number: 44228
Price: $22.99

That’s something you hear almost on a daily basis in these advanced tech times. There are apps for weight loss, apps for combining your face with a celebrity and finally … an app for our RC chargers. Hitter just released their WiFi module for use with the X2 AC Plus and X2 AC Pro chargers. Simply plug it in, download the Hitec App and you can operate your charger from anywhere the WiFi signal will reach. Not only that, but every option you can program on the charger itself can be programmed using your smartphone and the module (with the excep- tion of the soldering iron on the X2 Pro … duh).

You might ask yourself why you’d ever need such a device as we’ve pretty much been using chargers the same way for the last 40 years. Well, for starters you
can monitor and terminate a charge cycle in addition to being able to start a charge. That means you don’t always have to go running back to your pit, the garage or the basement to see if your packs are peaked. Simply pop the app open and see where the charge process is. Speaking of which, you can open the app, program a ba ery for charging/dis- charging/cycling, start the process and then close the app. The charger will do the rest. The WiFi module is easy to use and as far as I’m concerned, it’s well worth the small amount of money that Hitec is asking for it. Step into the modern age of chargers and use yours wirelessly with this nifty little gadget from Hitec.