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Point and Shoot

This article was originally published in August/September 2016 issue.

Well, it’s been more than a year since we changed the name of our publication to Drones from the original Multirotor Pilot … and I haven’t received a single death threat! Seriously though, a lot has changed over the last year and especially since we started this crazy ride more than 2 years ago. One of the biggest refi nements concerning drones has been in the camera arena and for good reason. We all know that drones can offer a previously unattainable vantage point (for those that aren’t rich and famous anyway), but what good are they if the camera onboard isn’t up to the task of properly capturing that “magic” moment in still-frame or video?

There are many, many new machines out currently that boast specs that were unheard of only a year ago and we’ve tried to bring you some of the best new gadgets out there to you, the readers. What used to be a trend towards 4K and Raw images is now getting into HDR (High Dynamic Range) and super high frame rates for incredibly smooth slo-mo shots. The Sony A7 had long been the go-to source for low-light shooting and everyone loved it. Then, Sony surprised everyone and released an even better version, the A7Sii. Mike Steidley grabbed one up as soon as they were available and shared some of his insight on this awesome new camera in this issue. Mike also got his hands on the new 6-pack of lens filters from Polar Pro that are designed specifically for the new DJI P4. These filters, combined with a properly tuned camera, can make the best out of any situation when you are trying to nail down that perfect shot.

Petr Hejl hasn’t been into cameras for all that long, but with the countless hours of capturing aerial media from his machines as a 333 exemption holder, he has learned the ins and outs of the DJI camera platforms, quickly becoming a master of his craft. In this issue he explains exactly just what is included in the mind boggling array of options to fine tune your camera using the DJI apps. He also explains what each feature is for and gives some insight based on personal experience as to when and where you should use them and how. It’s a lengthy read, but well worth the effort; especially to those not familiar with more complex modern camera functions.

Moral to the story is, no single person knows everything about cameras and using them … even more so in this day and age of rapid evolution in tech. However, the articles we bring to you in every issue are presented in the hopes that you’ll glean at least one helpful tidbit as to how you can better enjoy or utilize your models. If you’re into shooting some killer shots or clips from the air, but don’t know exactly how to go about it, read on and enjoy!