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Traxxas Aton: Worth A Second Look Follow Up Flight Review

By Matt Maziarz INTRODUCTION Traxxas had made a few brief forays into the rotary winged arena, but mainly in the small, toyish realm. With the Aton, fully equipped with a GPS enabled flight controller and a wide flight envelope, Traxxas …

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SNEAK PEEK: Traxxas Aton – A Closer Look At The Sport Utility Drone

We reviewed the Traxxas Aton back when it first came out, but more than a year later we’ve come back around to take a closer look at this multi-faceted machine. First off, if you are already familiar with the name …

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Review: Traxxas Aton

The hunt for a drone … where to start, what to do, what features should you focus on? The questions seem endless, then you get to the store, whether it’s a major chain retail store or a dedicated hobby store, and you’re inundated with choices.

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Traxxas To Release The Much Anticipated Aton!

Āton makes it easy for everyone to enjoy capturing stunning aerial footage. With built-in features such as Auto-Take off and Return To Home, Āton’s on-board electronics allow it to practically fly itself while you focus on directing it over your …

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RPM Releases LaTrax Alias Landing Gear

RPM has been in existence for 40 years now on the surface side of things, but now they have taken to the skies with their first RPM Aerial release. The LaTrax Alias is a tiny, fun and competent flyer, yet …

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