Monday, September 26, 2022
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Traxxas To Release The Much Anticipated Aton!

Āton makes it easy for everyone to enjoy capturing stunning aerial footage. With built-in features such as Auto-Take off and Return To Home, Āton’s on-board electronics allow it to practically fly itself while you focus on directing it over your subject. Simple to use controls allow you to maneuver Āton where you want to go without having any previous flying experience or special knowledge. Āton makes aerial photography simple and fun.


Āton offers 3 mode operation to meet the needs of every user. There’s no experience required.

Aton Fixed Mount-Rear-SmallFILM MODE:

• Easy-to-use. No flight experience required

• Easily capture stunning photos and video

• No complicated setup or calibration is needed

• Engineered for less noise and quieter operation

• Auto take off and return to home

Aton With Gimbal-Rear 2-SmallSPORT MODE:

• Explore sport flying for fun

• Learn to fly with more pilot control

• Press a button for aerobatic flips and rolls

• More speed for filming fast-moving subjects

Aton With Gimbal-Rear-SmallEXPERT MODE:

• Ultimate speed and performance for expert pilots

• Air brakes stop and hover at the press of a button

• Powerful brushless motors for athletic maneuvers

• Customize settings with the Traxxas Flight Link app


For the full breakdown and specs, check out the Āton right HERE!