Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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VIDEO: Blade FPV Quad Racer Tool Kit


We recently got our hands on the new Quad Racer Tool kit from Blade and Horizon Hobby and at first, we thought, “what could possibly be in this kit that we don’t already have several of in the disaster that is the Drones Mag workshop?” Well, true to form, we were terribly wrong for prejudging and we’ll let you know exactly why we love this tool set and why two simple items within it make it well worth the price.

The hex drivers look great and work extremely well, even with sweaty palms.

First off, the entire kit is protected within a nylon pouch with a solid zipper closure. Each tool is secured to the inner walls so you can rest assured that your tips and handles won’t get all beat up in your favorite FPV backpack. The standard issue stuff is all there, including the indispensables, but they are of top quality and a pleasure to behold. You’ve got the 8mm and 5.5 mm nut drivers for prop and frame nuts, in addition to 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5mm hex drivers with steel tips. Each driver has a knurled grip that’s anodized in that awesome bright Blade green. The tips are all replaceable as well, so even if you toss one off and bust a tip, you can grab a new one up from Horizon. There’s also a cool little multi-wrench that has nut drivers for 4, 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8 and 10mm that you can easily keep stashed in your pocket while at the flight line for last minute double-checks on those props.

The motor wrench is worth its weight in gold!

The tool coolest and most valuable inclusions in the kit, in our opinion anyway, are the motor wrench and prop balancer. We tend to favor the wrench a bit more as it saves us from so many bloody knuckles and generally makes life easier. The motor wrench is basically a set of curved pliers with standoffs on the inner grips that are covered in heavy duty rubber. That means you can grip your motors plenty tight for even stubborn prop nuts and not even make a scratch on the can. They’ve also got quite a range of motion so they’ll likely work on many machines aside from FPV rigs. The prop balancer is a nifty little system that snaps together in seconds, yet is fully adjustable. The base has a leveling screw at each corner and there is also a bubble level to check your stance. The prop shaft has both regular and reverse threads, so you can balance each as they would be mount on the model. The entire balancer (minus the shaft) fits within a plastic pouch inside the zippered case.

The rubber coated standoffs securely hold just about any size can securely for prop removal or installation without marring or damaging the can.


  • Great tools with a couple most welcome features
  • Awesome looking green anodized tools
  • Heavy duty case included
  • Prop balancer for improved performance


  • Hefty price tag (though the motor wrench is almost worth the price on its own)
This little multi wrench is the perfect tool to have on you at all times while out flying.


There you have it folks; another FPV tool kit. HOWEVER, this tool kit has two unique items in the motor wrench and balancer that not only make working on your models easier, but also make them perform better at the field (In case we didn’t say it enough, balance your props!!!). The zippered case keeps everything snug and safe and the tools themselves look almost as good as they perform.

8mm and 5.5mm nut drivers with knurled grips for non-slip prop and frame repairs.


Keep your props balanced with this beauty for optimal flight and motor longevity.